TFP – Technical Fibre Products, UK

TFP develops and manufactures high performance nonwoven materials. TFP is offering not just a diverse product range, but the capability to tailor materials to meet specific performance requirements.

TFP nonwoven materials serve a large range of applications in a wide variety of fields including surface engineering of composites, fire protection, thermal insulation, power storage and cryogenic super insulation.

The most popular brands developed in TFP are Optimat, Tecnofire and Optiveil that deliver a superior quality surface finish, while providing functionality across areas spanning EMI shielding, electrical conductivity, fire protection, static dissipation and enhanced abrasion resistance.

At TFP, a key part is working in partnership with their customers, to develop applications and solutions for their individual technically demanding challenges. This expertise is drawn from an extensive knowledge of working with a wide range of polymers, particulates and speciality fibres. This experience, combined with the utilization of in-house metal coated fibres production capability, ensures that TFP continue a 27 year tradition of delivering customized material solutions for its customers.


  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure / real estate
  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer electronics 
ISO 9001:2008 – IQNET

iso 9001:2008 - IQNET







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