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The Fothergill Group has developed from a local cotton weaver in 1847, and progressed to become an international player, specializing in glass fibres, aramids and carbon fibre. The company HQ is located in Littleborough near Rochdale, in England.

From the head office of Fothergill Engineered Fabrics in the UK the weaving and knitting business operates, supplying performance products for a number of industries, including defense, aerospace, reinforcement, PTFE and Elastomer coating, automotive, high temperature and filtration applications throughout the world.

In 2000, the Fothergill Group acquired the predecessors to Ferguson Polycom Ltd, (founded in 1911), with a vertically integrated production process for specialty rubber compounding and elastomer coated fabrics, with applications ranging from highly demanding engineering use to high-end fashion, leisure and sportswear.

Fothergill Coated Fabrics Ltd was founded in 2003 and operates from a purpose-built manufacturing and fabrication facility in Rochdale, England. The business coats glass fabric and aramid substrates with PTFE, as well as etched and adhesive coated PTFE/glass, supplying product in full rolls, sheets, tapes and belts to converters, distributors and end users worldwide.

Fothergill Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 2013 to serve the Asia-Pacific region with the whole range of Group products.

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iso 9001:2008 - IQNET







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