Cytec USA

Cytec USA – A world leader in advanced materials.

Cytec is a US-based international conglomerate comprised of 4 business segments: Aerospace Materials, Industrial Materials, In-Process Separation as well as Additive Technologies.

Cytec develops, manufactures and markets innovative process materials and services to the composites industry:

  • Vacuum bagging consumable materials
  • Infusion materials 
  • Customized kitting 
  • Reusable vacuum systems. 

Some of the uses for the processes in which the materials are used – pre preg processing, hand layup, filament winding, resin infusion, compression molding of thermoplastic composites as well as glass lamination.

The Cytec Corporation is positioned internationally with facilities in Europe, North America and China. Its manufacturing facility deals with co-extrusion and transformation of multi-layered plastic film, developing technologies for extruded and co-extruded plastic films and cast techniques.

As an Israeli-based agent representing the Cytec corporation for many years, we at Tango Engineering offer our technical expertise to our Israeli customers. With an in-depth knowledge of the full innovative Cytec line of products as well as close acquaintance with the needs and requirements of our Israeli clients, we are able to find fitting solutions to every request, large or small.

Coming from professional engineering POV, we offer a customer-oriented approach that makes the commercial relationship work better – this is our true added value!

ISO 9001:2008 – IQNET

iso 9001:2008 - IQNET







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