Cytec Process Materials

Operating from facilities in Europe, North America and China, Cytec develops, manufactures and supplies process materials and services to the composites industry – These include vacuum bagging consumables, customized kitting, infusion materials and reusable vacuum systems.

The processes include prepreg processing, resin infusion, hand layup, filament winding, compression molding of thermoplastic composites as well as glass lamination.
Cytec’s manufacturing handles the co-extrusion and transformation of multi-layered plastic film, with the capability and technology to manufacture extruded and co-extruded films up to 18 layers thick, using blown and cast techniques.

HS8171 Vacuum Bagging Film
Improved production processes and reduced inventory are just 2 of the areas that the aerospace industry is concentrating on for cost reductions.
Qualified to various aerospace specifications, Cytec QuickDraw® HS8171 vacuum bagging film is an embossed, heat stabilized, co‐extruded, copolymer film, produced from a modified nylon resin.

Kitting Services
Cytec consumable materials kits decrease waste, reduce labor cost, reduce operator motion, and dramatically improve manufacturing time.

Cytec’s VMS2 is a revolutionary resin infusion processing vacuum barrier line that opens up new possibilities in composite structures.

Welded / Reusable Vacuum Bags
Cytec’s Welded Vacuum Bags (WVBs) as well as Reusable Vacuum Bags (RVBs) simplify the production of complex shapes, delivering various benefits that speed up the manufacturing process. These are the result of our long-standing, hands-on relationships with global OEMs in numerous industrial markets.

ISO 9001:2008 – IQNET

iso 9001:2008 - IQNET







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