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Cytec is a world leading supplier of composite materials, process consumables and tooling to industries that demand rapid response, short lead times, flexibility and strong customer support. Cytec manufacture an unparalleled range of advanced composite carbon, glass and specialist fiber reinforced prepreg materials, all are custom formulated for industrial structural and tooling applications.

Cytec product portfolio includes:

Prepreg applications
Cytec manufactures an unparalleled range of advanced composite carbon, glass and specialist fiber reinforced prepreg materials; all materials are custom formulated for structural applications.
Cytec’s thermoset prepreg product line includes epoxy, phenolic, bismaleimide, polyimide and cyanate ester technologies. Cytec prepregs are available in a variety of tape and fabric formats, including formats such as DForm®, cross-plied prepreg and facesheets.

Cytec prepreg products include:

  • LTM® prepregs
  • MTM® prepregs
  • HTM® prepregs
  • CYCOM® prepregs
  • VTM® prepregs
  • BPS – Body Panel Systems
  • DForm® technology (deformable rapid forming component and tooling systems)
  • CYFORM® prepregs

Resin Systems
Cytec’s knowledge of resin infusion materials and toughened resin infusion systems enables its customers to achieve autoclave-level quality with the highest performance. These include resins, resin films, binders and compatible reinforcement textiles – examples: binder-coated fabrics and low resin content fabrics.

Cytec resin systems products includes:

  • CYCOM® RTM resin infusion systems
  • PRIFORM® toughening technology

Adhesives & Surfacing
Cytec offers an array of epoxy, phenolic, bismaleimide, polyimide and cyanate ester-based adhesives. These are suitable for composite-to-metal, composite-to-composite, and metal-to-metal bonding. Cytec film adhesives are available in a variety of forms and packaging, including multiple thicknesses multiple widths, barrier films, incorporated carriers, value-added features such as narrow width slitting & specialty packaging.

Cytec adhesives product portfolio includes:

  • FM® and METLBOND film adhesives
  • LTA® film adhesives
  • MTA® film adhesives
  • VTA® film adhesives
  • HTA® film adhesives

Through a combination of tool design, building expertise and innovation in materials and process technologies, Cytec offers a unique comprehensive approach to composite tooling solutions. Cytec focuses on developing new material and tooling technologies that meet future demands, pushing the boundaries in function, cost-effectiveness, durability and robust processing.

Cytec tooling portfolio includes:
Tooling prepregs offering high dimensional stability suitable for use in all market sectors.
These include:

  • LTM® prepregs
  • HTM® prepregs
  • DForm® technology
  • CYFORM® prepregs
  • Duratool® prepregs

Industry Processed Materials
Industrial market’s needs:

  • Low temperature processing
  • Prepreg and resin infusion processing
  • Very large components manufacturing

Cytec’s consumable products are offered in individual quantities or as tailor-made kits. Kitting service encompasses the pre-cutting of consumables from simple predetermined shapes and dimensions through the compilation of complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies.

Cytec’s portfolio of consumables includes:

  • Vacuum bagging films
  • Breather fabrics
  • Combination products
  • Flow media
  • Release films
  • Sealant tapes
  • Peel plies
  • Release fabrics
  • Tapes and sprays
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Self-adhesive tool release
  • Rubber, silicone, fluoroelastomer
  • Fittings and hoses
  • Infusion products
ISO 9001:2008 – IQNET

iso 9001:2008 - IQNET







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