Cytec Brands

  • BPS240 – Cytec’s BPS240 body panel systems meet the needs of the automotive industry for supercar applications
  • Carbovar – Advanced composite tooling solution with enhanced durability through the adhesion of a nano-crystalline Invar surface coating
  • CB1100 – Very low CTE ceramic tooling material used as a high-accuracy master model or as direct tooling for low volume or prototype production
  • CYCOM® – provides solutions to the most technically challenging composite applications
  • CYFORM® – superior handling characteristics and exceptional molded surface quality
  • DForm® – used in both component and tooling applications, specifically suited for the automotive market
  • DURATOOL® – provides the ultimate in tool temperature performance and durability, with exceptional molded surface quality
  • FM® – Structural film/foam adhesives designed to meet precise temperature, toughness, environmental and cure requirements
  • HTM® – series BMI component and tooling prepregs, and associated adhesive (HTA) are suitable for high temperature applications
  • LTM® – prepregs and adhesives (LTA) have excellent mechanical properties, the benefits of low temperature cures and longer out life
  • MTM® – series prepregs and associated adhesives (MTA) offer toughened systems, generally used for mainstream applications
  • PRIFORM® – improves the processability of resin infusion systems and increases the number of applications for composite parts
  • SURFACEMASTER® – Surfacing films reducing surface defects by 95% or more compared to other surfacing materials
  • TB – Epoxy syntactic tooling block which can be readily machined to produce stable, high accuracy master models
  • VTM® – series prepregs and associated adhesives (VTA) have variable temperature cure capabilities and offer tailored resin rheology
  • ZPREG® – partial impregnation technology consists of a structural fabric coupled to a surface scrim and a high performance resin system
ISO 9001:2008 – IQNET

iso 9001:2008 - IQNET







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